Track the progress of your platform and its community- after all, your learners’ success is your success

What’s the greatest benefit of consolidating all the admin for your training within a single learning management system? The ability to centralize all your data in one place. It allows you to better analyze the data and use it to your advantage.

For example, you can monitor the popularity of your courses and topics. Or follow the progress and commitment of both individuals and groups of learners. In short, you can visualize the progress of your entire learning community, but also take a look at individual performances.

See here how Lära LMS can help you explore the data on your community’s progress respectfully and efficiently.

Produce reports and get a global picture of your learning community

As an admin, you can access data on your learners’ progress and usage from your Lära portal. You can rely on that data to get a comprehensive picture of your learning community by identifying which courses and topics are most popular, which are less popular, which pose a problem to learners, and so much more.

Having that information on hand gives you everything you need to take action and:

  • Better target your audiences
  • Adapt your training
  • Optimize the use of your tools, options, and features
  • Improve your results

Track the progress of your learners and help them succeed

Admins, group leaders, and trainers can all track your learners’ individual progress. For each element of a learning path, the LMS lets you define a number of milestones to track the users’ progress. That way, you can see what stage they’re at and where they’re having trouble.

You can access and explore this information in your workspace at both general and individual levels.

Learners can also monitor their own progress

On Lära, your learners are independent. If they want, they can download their training report (or view it in their user file) to track their progress.

Analyze traffic and improve the referencing of your learning platform

Are you offering your services externally, to the general public? Take advantage of the fact that Lära supports and integrates Google Analytics. You can configure it directly in the LMS interface. This tool helps you define keywords and texts for your public pages and improve your SEO.

With Google Analytics at your disposal in Lära, you also get a lot of other useful data:

  • Origins of your site visitors (Facebook, Google, etc.).
  • How visitors got to your site (direct link, indirect link, search, keywords)
  • Viewed pages
  • Number of viewed pages
  • Time spent on each page
  • Number of visitors
  • Region or country of your visitors
  • Etc.

This data allows you to analyze your audience and, if necessary, adapt your content, social media interactions, promotions, and more to that specific audience.