Set up training programs
and encourage success

Want to give your users the opportunity to continuously improve and learn more? Do you like preparing training programs that will help them grow? We’ve got a feature for that. Set up training programs that suit your needs and expectations, and in which learners will be able to progress.

The Programs feature lets you divide your content, set sequences to be followed, connect certain training courses, create continuity, structure your programs based on your sequences, and award certificates— in short, it lets you create training paths that will help your learners acquire knowledge and succeed.

Want to know more? Keep reading. Discover the advantages and usefulness of Lära LMS’s Programs feature.

Assemble your training programs

To create a program, the first step is to decide on the content to be taught and arrange it into training sessions, then set rules for sequencing and passing:

  • Training sessions and courses to follow
  • Learning objectives
  • Exams and tests to be taken
  • Prerequisites
  • Etc. 


Afterwards, group your training sequences to form programs. Programs can contain one or more sequences and may require learners to complete some of them before starting others.

In your catalogue, programs use the title Training Programs. When selected, they display the following details:

  • Self-trainings
  • In-class training
  • Online courses
  • Webinars
  • Learning paths
  • Prerequisites and course sequence
  • Etc.

Sequence the content of your programs and set the paths to success

As a learning management system, Lära lets you sequence learning paths. In other words, you can predetermine the order of courses—you decide which specific events or activities must take place first.

Each sequence supports your learners by requiring they meet certain conditions before continuing their training. For example:

  • Some exercises may only become available after the learners have viewed specific content
  • Certain courses may be accessed after learners pass specific exams or complete workshops or certifications
  • For some practical tests, learners must first complete an in-person course, such as a lab
  • Learners may have to wait a certain amount of time to retake an exam after a failure
  • Etc.

Track your learners’ progress

If you’re an admin or trainer, you can follow the progress of all the learners in your program. That way, you can check:

  • Where they are in the program
  • Grades
  • Time spent on each course in the program
  • Prerequisites
  • Content they have read, viewed, filled in, etc.
  • Submitted work
  • Whether they are falling behind
  • Failures and courses to be retaken
  • Etc.


Your learners also have access to their progress, in the My File tab. It contains:

  • Their past, current, and future training courses
  • Their progress status
  • Their results
  • Their certificates
  • Their receipts and invoices
  • Etc.


If need be, you can also access overall progress details for specific course elements, such as:

  • The number of learners who have viewed a document or other content
  • The average amount of time learners spent viewing the content
  • The pages or content accessed
  • The number of learners who passed or failed the last exam
  • The number of learners who submitted their work on time
  • Etc.

Award certificates

Give training certificates to your learners as soon as they meet all the requirements you have set for completing a program, course, or learning path. Lära can automatically generate personalized certificates for the programs, courses, or learning paths of your choice.