Manage, train and learn with a platform you actually like

The learning management system of your dreams

Do you want a platform that understands your user habits and preferences? Lära has been designed with the user in mind to make your life easier and provide learning experiences that meet your expectations. You’ll see—it makes training simpler.

Because managing, preparing, and tracking your training courses should be simple and tailored to the way you work.

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Experience the joy of using interfaces with ergonomics optimized for you

As you know, an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand interface is a great way to support your users’ interaction and engagement. With Lära, you’ll find a system with intuitive, user-friendly interfaces that are easy to use—and to love.   et à aimer.

The platform is simple enough that your users will be more than just able to navigate it. They’ll master it and feel comfortable using it. For you, that means a shorter learning curve and less management and troubleshooting time. Bonus! That’s time you can spend concentrating on, or having fun with, creating engaging training material.

Enjoy your autonomy: operate the platform on your own

Lära LMS lets you handle training operations independently. Preparing and integrating content is streamlined so you don’t have to rely on specialized resources for everyday tasks.

With Lära, you can easily integrate your existing content. Take common formats like .docx, .pdf, .xlsx, and SCORM 1.2 and 2004 and automatically convert them to HTML5. That way, content is standardized to make it easier for everyone to use, view, and follow.

A complete, integrated solution : features designed to meet your needs

Lära has a number of features that make it easier for you and your users to manage, train, and learn. From managing registrations to selling content online, and from preparing courses to publishing them across multiple portals, a world of possibilities awaits you. And you’ll love it!

Discover the features of both versions of the Lära LMS platform

<b>Authoring module</b>

Authoring module

The independence you need to prepare and integrate content

<b>Course Catalogues</b>

Course Catalogues

Organize courses your way with catalogues

<b>Registration Management</b>

Registration Management

Save time and make it easier to manage registrations



Track the progress of your platform and its community



Interconnect your tools to make life easier for everyone

<b>eCommerce Module</b>

eCommerce Module

Sell and promote your courses online

<b>Training Programs</b>

Training Programs

Set up training programs and encourage success



Publish your courses in multi-portal mode to make your learners happy

Event and Conference Management

Take advantage of Lära LMS’s structure and features to simplify your event’s logistics

Managing regulatory compliance? Simplify it with Lära LMS

With Lära LMS, organizations that need to manage training obligations will be pleased as the platform makes this process simple and transparent with regulatory training management features.

Whether your organization is a professional association, a professional order or any other organization that has to manage a training regulation, you know that centralizing information in one place is vital in order to respect standards and ensure the follow-up of learners’ compliance.

That’s why the Lära LMS team has focused on making life easier not only for your organization, but also for your learners.

An implementation and technical assistance service that’s exactly what you need

Implementing a learning management system is a big step. Naturally, you want it to go well for you, your teams, and your learners. You also want to know that a technical support service has your back if problems arise. It’s as much for you as it is for your users. With Lära, you have access to our whole team, and we’re there for just that.

One platform, two offers.
To better adapt to your needs

Because many organizations have very different training needs, we offer two different versions of the Lära platform to better fit your organization’s needs. Both offerings share the same environments so don’t worry if your needs change and you want to switch, it’s entirely possible.

Our most flexible offer allows you to choose your options in addition to offering a simplified implementation process in order to be operational as quickly as possible.
The ideal solution for organizations with comprehensive training processes that want to finally automate them. Take advantage of the full functionality of Lära LMS.